What Is Inspection

photo02Home buyers now entering the marketplace view a home inspection as a way to gain valuable information concerning the biggest purchase of their lifetime. An inspection helps them to determine whether there are any defects or system inadequacies before the sale goes through, so there will be no unpleasant surprises or insurmountable financial burdens later on.

Home inspections are not intended to point out every small problem or any non-visible defects in a home. Most minor or cosmetic flaws, for example, should be apparent without the aid of a professional. Home inspections also highlight the positive aspects of a home. In fact, our Inspector’s observations or recommendations can help to dispel home buyers’ anxieties, and to provide useful repair and maintenance suggestions.

The purchase of a home is probably the largest single investment you will ever make. You should know exactly what to expect – both indoors and out – in terms of repair and maintenance and their costs. Water marks in the basement may indicate a chronic seepage problem or may simply be the result of a single incident. The Home Inspector interprets these and other clues, then presents his professional opinion as to the condition of the property before you buy.

A home inspection should not be confused with an appraisal or a municipal code inspection – it is photo01simply a tool to aid you, the purchaser, to be better prepared and more knowledgeable about what to expect in your intended purchase.

Of course, a home inspection will also point the positive aspects of a home as well as the type of maintenance that will be necessary to keep it in good shape. After the inspection, you will have a much clearer understanding of your intended purchase and you will be able to make your decision confidently.